Healthy Living Mentoring & Encouragement

Fit for life is a National outreach and evangelism exercise ministry that people to get up, get out, get fit, get moving and keep moving forward; healthy physically, spiritually, nutritionally, socially, and emotionally.  Fit for Life is a strong advocate of legacy mentoring knowing that it provides vision and balance for families to thrive for generations to come. 


 This Healthy Living Mentoring and Encouragement Ministry is a faith-based organization focusing on lifestyle choices not dieting.  Our vision is to see the entire world living a healthy lifestyle, making healthy choices, and healed. 

What's new?

JAN 1 - Starts the groups DANIEL FAST - 10 day fast and 21 day fast (Vegetables and water. No bread, meat, dairy, sweets.)

APR 30 thru MAY 2 - PHD Global 2021 California (See PHD page for more info)

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     Patrice Campbell is the founder and director of Fit For Life Healthy Living Mentoring and Encouragement Ministry.

     Pastor Patrice is actively involved in various areas of stewardship as well as volunteering for Tree of Life Ministries.  She uses her special gifts to bless people both naturally and spiritually.  She has facilitated this exercise + nutrition ministry session along with a devotional and an Invitation for Salvation at many ministry events.

     Patrice is a Graduate of The Bible College, William Jessup University with a bachelor’s in Theology and Christian Leadership. She became a Local Church Credentialed Minister at Bethel Church San Jose where she served for 12 years.  She is currently credentialed under Tree of Life Ministries, Inc.

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A personal journal of your efforts and progress in the FFLM Accountability initiative. (Instrux: print double sided then fold in half)
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ACCOUNTABILITY IS NECESSARY in growth and development.  Find out more about our ACCOUNTABILITY CHALLENGE to help you meet your goals!


The guidelines of this program are what we call "GodLines" that guide, shape and transform us into newness!

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